By registering on site/forum/game and playing here you hereby agree to obey following rules:

§1 - Communication
You have to handle every person with respect. Insulting/stalking any other player and staff member in any way and spamming are forbidden and will be punished with chatban/jail/ban depending on crime. You are not allowed to scam other players in trade in any way. In case you can proof scam attemp you might get compensation when you contact with staff. But take care - this rule does not apply to any mistakes in trade, only for crimes!

§2 - Playing on server
Playing on this server is free and will remain free.

§3 - Donations
Our server offers donate WITHOUT p2w content.
We decided to add donate cause of two reasons:
- to offer better and more stable server,
- many ppl wanted to make donations on edition v1.0 but we were not ready to accept them.
Dontations are treated as voluntary non-returnable gifts for which you can receive some rewards (check Server Info).

§4 - Language
You must use ENGLISH on any kind of public chats (shout, trade, petition, world) and in forum.
You can use any language on any kind of private chats (PM, party, clan, alliance) and in appropriate forum boards. 

§5 - Advertisements
You are not allowed to advertise other game projects, servers or sites, as well as not related to game goods and services, in forum and inside game.

§6 - Items/characters
Items/character ingame does not represent any real value. They are just game items.

§7 - Botting
Using any software which automates gameplay in any way is forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban depending on crime. You can use only in-game macro system and in-game autopotion system.

§8 - Impersonation
You are not allowed to pretend being staff member or another player without authorization. Depending on crime you will be punished with jail/ban.

§9 - Service uptime/stability
Playing on server is free, so we cannot give 100% guarantee that server will have 100% uptime. We aim to have as big uptime as possible. We do not take responsilibity for any data loss or closing server.

§10 - Bugs/abuses
Using any kind of bugs/exploits to gain advantage in game is strictly forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban. You have to post bugs/exploits in "Bug reports" forum board. In case of bugs/exploit which can be abused to get any advantage you should write in mail and send it to our support.

§11 - Selling/buying/trading items/characters
You can sell/buy/trade items/characters for in-game items. It's forbidden to sell/buy/trade them with real money. Any attemp to do it will result in ban penalty.

§12 - Accounts limit
You are allowed to have one forum account, one site account and as many game accounts as you want.

§13 - Clan leadership
In case of clan leader disappear we can transfer leader privileges to other char in clan as long as it was reported to be co-leader before. You can do it in "Clan" forum board while announcing your clan.

§14 - Game modification
Making any game modifications is forbidden and will be punished with jail/ban depending on crime.

§15 - Small crimes
If you perform just small crime you might get only a warring.

§16 - Account sharing
You can share your in-game accounts data as much as you like but you take exclusive responsibility for them. When you are sharing your account you won't get any compensation in case of be shorn of any of it's content. It's forbidden to share your forum/site account.

§17 - Compensations
Since our service is totally free as compensation you will get only and only game items.

§18 - Rules
We restrit that we can change rules in any time without notice.